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Email addresses of K-36 Doctors

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When I built a home page in 1995 soon after I knew how Internet works- I took no time to spread my web. I had a site called LATEST BANGLADESH and it was so popular in 1996 when the country was ready to kick out an autocrat. I published the election results calling Dhaka frequently from my workstation in Japan. There was no newspaper published in the Internet then and I became a hero almost as the weekly of JaiJaiDin depicted me as a Patriot on their front page.
Now we do not need any more sites like I had. But I did not find much interesting sites from Dhaka yet. BUET has a web site but not Dhaka Medical College Hospital. Students from India, Nepal use to ask for help writing to me as they come to know that I am a DMCH graduate.
So, I felt why not a DMCH site for all? My friend Dr. Monwar sent me a good collection of email addresses of the friends of our K-36 batch (each batch has a unique number passing out of the Premier Medical College Of Bangladesh). So, I shall start with my batch- introducing them to the world through my little efforts...
Welcome to our K-36 page of Dhaka Medical College Hospital!

My Favorites

Favorite Band or Musician: Ostad Alauddin
Favorite TV show: Zadi Kisu Mone Na Koren
Favorite movie: One Zahir Raihan could make
Favorite book: Ekattorer Bangladesh
Favorite sports team: Bangladesh Cricket Team
Favorite food: Bidiani

My Hobbies

Cricket, Soccer, Web surfing on News Pages

Most Admired

Banga Bondhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman (Before he became the PM)


Favorite Links

NEurosurgery in MGH

Google Search

Alumni.Net - Bringing School Friends Together

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